Monday, October 5, 2015

The Human Touch on Unspeakable Sadness… Again

Excerpt from this video… did you see/hear it the other day? Yet another tragedy.
Ask me how much I despise guns…

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Little Perspective

Here in upstate NY, we're experiencing high winds and lots of rain, thanks to Joaquin. Golden Pond looks like an ocean, but doesn't seem threatening. Our downstairs project remains dry, thankfully. However…

In the spirit of "Timing Is Everything," this capture depicts what's happening one town over from our recent vacation digs.
And it's still pouring. Yikes. Hope everyone stays safe.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


So, there's a storm on its way. My European pals are asking if we're busy battening down the hatches. Fact is, it might affect us here in upstate NY… or, it might not. Even hard rains are debatable, at this time. Meanwhile, tonight's calm BEFORE the possible storm is exquisite. Thought I'd share twilight's yellows in real time.
Be safe, Friends of CMI.

Lake News - Inspiring Today

By now, I'm sure you've ordered a little or big something from (link) Canvas4Life. Right? Well, here's my first-specific-for-the-lake result from that very same favorite company. Y'all know how many I've waiting to be hung from the Old Homestead…

But it was time for a lakeside canvas, this one from a very special photo taken during Summer '15 of our favorite Lake Kids… an early anniversary gift to celebrate our 49th on the 16th of this month. Enjoying the fruits of our labor, so to speak...

Now, to find its home on one of our pretty walls. No, no… it's not going to stay on the kitchen counter. Here are the details for this one, purchased during a birthday sale:
Hope you like!

Dad ♡

In the world of Instagram, today would qualify as a Throwback Thursday. I'm taking advantage, as I never posted Dad's birthday entry, last Thursday, September 24th. We were traveling the second leg of our journey home, during which Ronnie and I shared some good memories, via text. And Joe and I did Cracker Barrel choco cake with lunch, as well, 'cause it has been our tradition to celebrate the gift of the day with Dad's favorite. Typically, I bake; but that didn't work, last week. We also shed a few tears, though it has always been my mission to happily remember the good times, speaking of which…

You've seen all these pictures and heard their related stories before, here on CMI. But some things are so worth repeating. And our memories of Dad, even after thirty-nine years of his departure, remain intact and as vivid as always. He was loved. He IS loved. He is thought of multiple times on a daily basis... 

Ron and I enjoyed our early morning exchange via text. Baby Bro won't mind my sharing some of our conversation, I know. It's all about keeping Dad's beauty alive. He was simply the best.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Netflix Binge - "Longmire"

We loved all four seasons and are happy to hear of its renewal for a fifth.  Highly recommended. We especially liked Lou Diamond Phillips in his role. Lots to learn here about Native American culture, too. Give it a try when reality shows get the best of you.

Before Kissing Summer '15 Au Revoir… A Recipe

Never had a chance to post this in a timely manner… but it's never too late to share a raspberry recipe, right??!! Actually, it's more of an idea than an accurate measure of ingredients…

Next time you score those special berries, add them to your favorite banana bread recipe along with some cacao nibs. Boil down extra fruit with a sweetener (honey or sugar or syrup) and a touch of juice or water. Serve over sliced bread and garnish with a hit of whipped cream.


Stretching Summer

Golden Pond's "Bon Voyage" Sunrise

Summer flew, but not before a flurry of truly lovely lakeside activity in gorgeous August weather. What to do? Why, extend our favorite season… right till the calendar day that says, "Fall." That's precisely what we did, this year. In a first, we headed down for some southern comfort right after Labor Day, taking off during an exquisite Golden Pond sunrise. We were rewarded with two gorgeous, hot 'n' steamy beach weeks. Honestly, it was perfect. I would love for this to become our new norm…

Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains

We found a beautiful, pet-friendly condo in Murrell's Inlet and pledged our allegiance, once again, to the exquisite Huntington Beach State Park - alligators and all!! We learned that sandpipers love popcorn and bunny rabbits are not extinct, after all. Not to worry, though, we visited Surfside Beach, as well. It was so good to us, last January.

To note this time 'round are Benjamin's Bakery for the best beach lunches ever and the Seven Seas Fish Market for fresh, local grouper and shrimp après beach. We dined like royalty…

…and I developed an inexplicable love of punch buggies… please, Santa!

It doesn't take a whole lot to please us - just sand chairs and gorgeous beach. When the weather cooperates, there's not much else to report…

Oh, except that we stayed in DC on the way home and breathed the same air as Pope Francis. Wish we had seen him, 'cause he's clearly a rock star!! Did you hear his remark about families and the occasional breaking of plates? Gotta love that big smile, engaging sense of humor and message of love for all things great and small.

Be, Jonathan! 


Osprey resting...
If you're still checking out CMI, you have my sincere thanks.
Every picture tells a story… I hope y'all enjoy them.
Here's to exquisite sunrises and sets, wherever you may be
Happy Fall.
Sun setting on the Inlet

Monday, August 31, 2015


iMessages can be a beautiful thing:

Congratulations, Cors! See ya in Michigan!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CARPE DIEM!!! Today on Golden Pond

Joe was about to jump into the shower early this morning to get ready for work when I suggested delaying the same so as to take an early kayak ride. It's a hot and steamy one, today, and I knew our trip around the lake wouldn't happen, if not taken early. He obliged me…
As a result, we received an incredible gift from Momma Nature, one we might have missed had it not been for neighbors Stephanie and Joe. We were paddling feverishly, but caught their signal after we'd passed a tree in which Baldie was perched. We are indebted to them for what was probably the very best eagle photo op ever. Imagine being on the water, under Big Bird!
After watching and shooting for about half an hour, we left to continue our ride, returning to the same spot about an hour later. Baldie was still there, providing even more captures before he soared off to the opposite side of the lake.

What a treat!! And what a lesson for human fishermen and women. Patience. It's a great virtue, for sure. Our star caught nothing in all that time, reminding us that it takes a long time to catch that lunker you're after… and an even longer time in the bird-watching arena to score such a special moment.
In other lakeside news, the water was perfectly still, this morning. What amazing reflections it offered up. How 'bout that seemingly upside-down tree?? 
Returning home, the gift that keeps on giving was in gorgeous bloom. Who can resist hibiscus in summer?
Sharing. Giving thanks.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mango-Plum Tart

We overbuy fruit. You know… summer fruit. It's so irresistible, especially when marketed well in gorgeous displays. Plums and mangoes. Yep, they were this week's must-haves. Too many, of course. So, with the threat of spoilage looming, what to do? Make a tart, of course.

Simply pare, cut, sugar and flour fruit; add a hit of ginger and let sit while you make a crust. In case you've forgotten...

2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon salt mixed in a bowl… add ½ cup canola oil mixed with 5 tablespoons icy water. Stir quickly, split in half and roll between two sheets of waxed paper.

Assemble tart and sprinkle top with sugar/ginger mixture. I did not bring top crust to edges… let 'er bubble.

Bake in a pre-heated 400-degree oven for about 45 minutes (this is a thin tart, so baking time depends on amount of filling).
The jury is already out on tonight's dessert… it got a solid 10!
Buon Appetito. Here's to the season.