Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seeing September In With A Splash

Huge Cape Cod souvenir shirts made for
lots of laughs and an awesome photo shoot.
♥♥Our Gorgeous Baby Grands♥♥
We don't relinquish summer easily, around here; thus our September 1st Cousins' Pool 'n' Play Date, affording us one more raucous time before reading, writing 'n' 'rithmetic take over. Hey, there are five more days till school starts, and we're savoring each and every precious moment. 
Lots of stories to tell from the last few wild and wacky weeks of August. Many in NY felt the tremors of an earthquake that was quickly followed by a much harder-than-anticipated hit from Hurricane Irene. That wild woman decided to veer westward, inflicting unprecedented devastation on the Catskills. But we survived, with a visit from Hunter and Chloe just slightly delayed. Actually, we put Hunter on the payroll, as he helped G'pa clean up a leaf-strewn mess of a pool. 

All told, summer flew by in the blink of an eye. It was fun. We're hoping that Mother Nature inflicts no more injustice for the coming weekend, as the kids have lots planned and we have a date with Sir Elton John at Bethel Woods... one more musical interlude.

I'm happy to be back to CMI, kicking off the month with our beautiful Boy 'n' Girl Grands.