Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Live 'n' Learn

Y'all know that I'm a huge fan of online shopping. It has saved us thousands of dollars, by now. Living rurally, we can't comparison shop without driving hundreds of miles. And even if we could - yuck. My least favorite past-time of all. But retail therapy in pajamas, a cup of Joe close by and all warm 'n' toasty? Why, that's another story. Here's yet another case in point:

On a certain medical item I'm currently in need of, there is a 20-OR-MORE DOLLAR DIFFERENCE from online company to company. In addition, shipping costs range from FREE TO 12 DOLLARS. Grand totals? How 'bout a $56.00 high as compared to a $33.00 low?! 

Just one small example. Wanna talk big items? That's where the true fun kicks in.