Saturday, January 10, 2015

This Weather Is For The Birds!

In just a week, the partially open lake has completely iced over. It's Tundra Time. This means we won't be seeing our resident eagle for a while. He doesn't ice fish! But there's no shortage of backyard winter species - photos to come. They devour a feeder-full of seed daily. Till we figure out a better system, Joe is actually climbing a ladder to execute the filling chore. Not good.
On Bridgeville Road as we headed home, I noticed a red-bellied hawk between us and the Quickway. I first captured him while perched.
When Red Hawk became aware of us, he quickly took flight, affording me an even better photo op.
Don't let brilliant blue skies fool you! Real time here is 3:00 p.m. and temps have only climbed to a whopping 14 degrees from this morning's negative numbers. But tomorrow's another day. We're expecting 30-something degrees. A heat wave. :-)