Thursday, June 25, 2015

Flying Lessons

So, what else is new? I had the wrong lens on NIK, when this phenomenal photo op came my way. Nonetheless, I think the capture demonstrates a juvenile eagle teaching an even younger brethren (this year's fledgling???) the proverbial ropes.
In real life and real time, we saw inklings of white plumage under the larger bird, meaning it's beginning to become of age. You see, it takes this species five years to change color in the appropriate places. Even its beak turns yellow gradually. For that amount of time, they are considered to be juveniles. Once the five-year mark is reached, it is impossible to tell their age, even though they can live for a few decades. I digress… The younger bird was half the size of big brother and incredible to watch, as it kept up with the sibling's antics.
Mother Nature's gifts, here on Golden Pond, where Mambo seemed to find the view more appealing in the opposite direction, yesterday. Maybe he liked the lake's reflection?? Ah, but wait…