Friday, June 26, 2015

The Bermuda In Me

Zu really made my day, with her blog commentary and sense of humor. It's so fun to find her mail via my inbox. Intriguing how one can have so much in common with a virtual sista. First of all, we're the mothers of sons. That counts for a whole lot and the rest seems to fall naturally in place. It all started with a crochet pattern. The rest is history. Consider our mutual love of flowers. Hmm, seems that I have some Bermuda in my soul...
Who knew that elephant ears and hibiscus remind her so much of her Bermudian home. It's hell being a transplant, especially to a cold climate, such as Scotland. But she adapted well by bringing slices of her old homestead into her new environment.

I'm a transplant of sorts, too… from warmer Long Island beaches to colder upstate mountains. And I'm a hibiscus and elephant-ear lover. Check 'em out… finally producing… and this is just the beginning, I hope!

Pay a visit to my pal, Zu; her blog is guaranteed to make you smile. It'll give you boatloads of beautiful, creative ideas, as well. Meanwhile, this one's for you, Zu. xo
And FYI, Friends of CMI… feed those annual hibiscus plants once per week with a light dose of Miracle Gro. You'll be guaranteed huge blooms, all summer long.