Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's Christmas Eve-Eve!!

If only I could transmit the delicious aromas from my kitchen to y'all… oh, my Goodness. There is nothing like our wreath bread to permeate the air with deliciousness, as it bakes. It's tradition! Last year, (link) Gavin did the honors of assembling it; this year, I tried a braid. We shall see - or, shall I say, "Taste."

The above link brings you to last year's last Christmas in the Old Homestead, before we passed the reigns to BKAG. Ah, beautiful memories with excellent safe-keepers. Now, it's time to reflect on our first Christmas at the LakeHouse. We are delighted. And that's putting it mildly.

Just give me a kitchen and I shall cook. Enhancing my efforts here are the twinkling lights that reflect all over the place. And as for reflections, there are so many occupying my mind, all the way back to my childhood. This Santa has been around since then and it seems his sack is full yet again, bringing us to Christmas present.

As always, there are those unable to celebrate, this year. Cousin Gina is terribly ill. She never leaves my thoughts and prayers. Her momma, Evelyn, and siblings, Maria and Chris, suffer, too. We hold them in our hearts, wishing Gina could be back at Babbo, where she reigned supreme at one time in the coveted position of Pastry Chef. If you're inclined to Google her, be sure to get the right Gina, as it seems there's another of the same name in a less savory position, pun intended. Cousin laughs at this, forever keeping a semblance of what was once her great sense of humor.

Back to Christmas Eve-Eve. When Brian and Christian were growing up, we just loved the night. I recall one year when Joe and I hosted five - that's right, five - consecutive holiday dinners for friends and family, all leading up to Christmas Day. And for many, many years, Pal Danny came over to share the pre-holiday excitement with the boys. Ah, memories.

We are blessed and so treasure every moment we are able to celebrate. Reflecting here, with apologies for anecdotes I know have been told before. But hey, y'all know how that goes.

May you have a Merry Eve-Eve.