Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lovable-Peaceful-Intriguing Investment

We retrieved our little buddy, Ike, from his new vet's office last night. Ike's story is one I'm not quite ready to speak to. That said, total frustration with our uncaring local vet led us to this new place and these new people. I'm pleased on more levels than I can count; there are compassionate people out there... not mercenary in any sense of the word.

The immaculate waiting room looks like someone's living room, with its coordinated wallpapers, live plants, lovely furniture and a big, friendly Blue Pit Bull greeter. That is one happy pooch, defying everything "bad" I've ever heard about the breed.

On one of the pretty couches sat a middle-aged woman, holding a stunning, jet black baby Alpaca, only one month old. We had seen Alpacas at Bethel Woods; our grandkids were intrigued. So was I, admitting here that a lot of my fascination was with the magnificent products made from their silky fleece... all displayed in a tent that adjoined the pen. Ahhh!

With no "product" available last night, my intrigue stayed focused on this little animal; I just had to know more about it. This (link) is what I found: Alpaca. Consider farming without killing; full-grown to about 130 pounds, the size of Mambo; low maintenance; friendly; smart; harmless; exquisite to observe and touch; profitable; soothing......