Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apples On Steroids - A Quick Recipe

Honey 'n' Mac... So Cute Together
Two Washington state Honeycrisp apples weighed in at almost three pounds. You can do the math, at $2.50 per pound. They were worth every cent, even though Joe gagged. There's a lot less peeling and hardly a core, if baked goods or applesauce are on the menu. "A bargain," says this chef. Here's what I did with just one:

After rolling our favorite pie dough right on a cookie sheet, I peeled and sliced the monster onto the dough. 
If apples are very firm (these are!) and you like a softer filling, you might want to nuke slices for a minute, before layering.

A careful misting with OJ and pure maple syrup ensued... then a heavy hit of Trader's cinnamon/sugar/ginger... and a few dabs of butter.

In came the remaining dough, to be pinched at the bottom (helps to keep juices contained). After a sprinkling of chopped walnuts and another hit of Trader's c/s/g, into a 375-degree oven it went for about fifty minutes. I covered very lightly with foil, after a half hour of baking. Joe is feeling a whole lot better, now.
To think, there is an apple remaining... my imagination is running wild, though this variety is absolutely delicious in its raw state, as well.

Buon Appetito. YUM.