Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend "Why?" News

They both end in "y"... Norway and Amy, begging the question, "Why?" I'm thinking we should all be paying attention, wherever it breaks... the news, that is.

Norway. I've never heard a violent report out of that country. Have you? The radicals. They lurk. All over.

Amy. We all know an Amy, perhaps by another name and not quite so visible, but equally vulnerable and self-destructive. Good G-d, what a heartbreaker. What can we do to get inside the heads of those who are so hell bent on destroying themselves... or others?

A tough weekend to comprehend. Falling asleep to thoughts of strangers and awakening with their images still trotting about my brain. Or, are they strangers?

"And each one there
Has one thing shared:
They have sweated beneath the same sun,
Looked up in wonder at the same moon,
And wept when it was all done...
For bein' done too soon." nd