Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Blues Revisited & Revised

Today, in finding the recipe for (link) Best Blues, I was surprised to see that it was posted over two years ago! Wow! Thank you, all, for your encouragement and readership. Now, on to some exciting news.

Instead of oil, I employed an old Weight Watcher's tip and subbed two individual portions of cinnamon applesauce... you know... the kind we keep on hand for Grand snacks. I reduced the sugar by a bit and piled in the FRESH berries; they are abundant and delicious, this year. The batter was actually like mousse, instead of heavy and oily. It was enough for eighteen muffins of far fewer calories. I love the resulting consistency... chewier and drier... that is, if you can find the crumb in between berries. No butter necessary. 
You get the gist.

One tip: In lieu of cooking spray and for easy clean-up, use tin liners. Allow muffins to cool completely, 
to avoid sticking.

Savor Summer 'n' All Its Blessings
Buona Notte, Sun