Thursday, March 5, 2015

Neil Diamond FAN or FANatic?

PhonePhoto by Joe
Just a few years back, four female fans sat directly in front of us at a New England show. Though I recognized them from their many pics and proclamations posted on a certain site, they were clueless as to my identity. One woman in particular just about claimed ownership of our rock star, in her writings. She assumed the responsibility of turning 'round to tell us in no uncertain terms, "WE STAND UP!" The End. Ahem. I shuddered at her rudeness and was somewhat amused by her constant spiraling to check on us. To make sure we were on our feet, perhaps??? Not to worry, Sweetie...

We like to stand, too. Her presumed directive didn't upset us in the least; but her tone certainly did. So maybe, just maybe, all ND fans are not the nicest people in the world, as they often like to proclaim themselves.

Halo glowing (haha) and prior to any show, I try to assess those behind us for health issues, before asking if they're okay with our standing for rockin' numbers. Ya know, this fan base is aging - there are walkers to be seen. I digress… there has never been a negative response to my inquiry, even though remaining seated just might have been preferred.

In Allentown on opening night, we had a few extremely charming fan-neighbors. To our right was a young, under-forty couple. Mr. D. needs young-uns! The wife was a huge fan, practically jumping out of her skin at (a) her first concert and (b) the incredible seats her husband had scored for Valentine's Day. They were adorable and bursting with pleasure. In front of us was another couple, fifty-something. The Mister was the one who said a Neil concert had been on his bucket list for many years. He was so excited, apparently wanting to stand but refusing to do so. You see, at 6' 2", he was concerned about blocking us. I kept telling him to get on his feet, but instead he'd crouch deeper into his seat. Finally, when Neil and Cherry Baby were bringing the house down, I insisted that he rise 'n' rock. He did and all inhibitions escaped into the arena's atmosphere. You'll see his head a-risin' in Joe's mini-vid below!

Hmmm. What's the point of this post. Just sayin', I guess… interpretation left to y'all. But that group we shared space with last Friday sure did enhance the (link) feel of Neil.