Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Cs… Concert, Couch, Cucina

Please indulge me in my concern. Is it possible that Pan is being left behind? You know. Peter Pan. No, no, not the boy. You've noticed, I'm sure, he is always played by a she. Referenced here is the kid in me. Jeesh, I hope to never abandon that little girl; but clearly, I'm growing up. It's all about the three Cs.
Let's first consider our new LakeHouse cucina. Here it is, a first reveal on CMI. We are thrilled, to say the least. It was a long time comin', as you well know. Back in September, October and November, when I was so ill, we'd even had thoughts of abandoning the project. But when things began to look up, we went full throttle ahead. And now, we're goose-bump thrilled with our long planned effort. Soooo, the new kitchen occupies a portion of the great room, created when we took down a wall. If we chatted via phone, you'd hear my echo. Yep, we're in need of furniture. Like everything else, I considered scores of items, before focusing in on new beginnings.

Enter a couch. Well, actually a couch and love seat combo. They are gorgeous and purchased Friday morning, in the same time slot that I was considering which seats to take for…

The concert. We had a two-night reservation in Philly, to catch Neil for a second time. But after my successful retail therapy, I had a very serious adrenaline rush. Over sofas? Now, I'm really worried about myself. Just could not bring myself to spend hundreds more on a lengthy drive, hotel bill and pricy tickets. (I'm a spoiled brat and will only sit close to Mr. D.) Joe was astonished when I suggested the cancelation of plans. Oh, did I mention? Astonished and thrilled. No, no; please don't misinterpret. He loves our soundtrack-maker, but has no need to see him twice per tour. He does that part for me, claiming to get extra pleasure from my joy.
He's a good man, my Joe. I am blessed.

So, here I am, on a rainy/snowy Sunday morning, acknowledging my great level of maturity. Ahem. But not to worry, Pan, you'll always reside in this heart 'n' soul.