Sunday, April 19, 2015

It Must Be Spring!

I know. For sure. Cases in point are abundant...


The birds are busy. There are red and yellow buds on huge trees that appear to be touching the sky. Sunshine is brilliant, temps are warm. The grass is turning green. There are pointy leaves popping up all over our gardens, as well as Autumn Joy. The neighbor's crocus flowers look gorgeous. I seem to have a paint brush in one hand and a can of spray paint in the other. And wherever I look, there are projects. One of my favorite things to do is to transform the old into something new and fresh… you know, like the rebirth that springtime represents. 

Consider Gran's and my dressing table and bench that separated our twin beds. That's right. Fifty-something  years ago, we began using them in our shared room. Honestly, I can picture Gran brushing out that long, long hair of hers, at bedtime. Out of the bun it would come and she'd make two braids. It was fantabulous to have the honor of sharing space with such an always-cool-and-before-her-time GrandLady. And so, I'll think of her daily as I enter the LakeHouse, drop my keys on the table and sit to take off those lace-up boots of mine. Yesterday, I made a cushion from leftover OldHomestead chair and valance fabric. Lovin' the results.

Left: Gav medaling at a recent tae kwon do competition
The symbolic Myrtle Beach ferris wheel and a reminder to…
 "forever possess la joie de vivre"

Aubs happy to have a summer snuggle with Mambo '14
Right: Chloe singing to us during an upstate visit '14
Lyla 'n' Rabbit, welcoming us on Easter Sunday '15
Excited Hunter on Christmas Day '14, receiving his iPad Mini

Then, there are those once-green and gold frames, formerly on the Homestead dining-room walls. They've been out of commission since we freshened up that room's grasscloth and changed the artwork. Hmmm. Perfect spaces to put some of my own photos of the GrandLoves, printed on my good old Epson. Those faces. Those expressions. Those special occasions, whenever we are with them. They've a place of honor at the lake, on the great-room wall - our Beauties.

Today's break-time included a hike around various lake roads, as we checked out different views of Old Wanaksink. No matter the angle, it is gorgeous and appreciated by all, proven by whimsical, hand-made wooden signs tucked into trees by mystery walkers. Clearly, they've a grasp on the joy of life.