Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Salad Stuff - A Recipe

Hunter and Chloe love salad. Long after his cousins and sisters have been excused from the table, it's not unusual to find Hunter still seated and enjoying a second plate of greens. We have ours as a last dinner course, Italian style. It's made with a mix of high-nutrition lettuces and other traditional and not-so-traditional stuff. And then there's the dressing they truly enjoy. We've not purchased bottled varieties in about two decades. They simply cannot compete with healthy, homemade varieties.
Recipe for Hunter's 'n' Chloe's Favorite

Mix up a jarful with one part of your best EVOO and two or three parts balsamic, depending upon how tangy you like it. Add about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and herbs and spices of your choice. I like oregano and freshly ground pepper. Shake well. When ready to use, pour amount you'll need into separate jar or bowl and add mashed avocado; whisk or shake again. Dress the entire salad, rather than individual portions. That's what makes it so good, so good. The rest of the mixture will keep well for days. No avocados in the house? Not to worry; it's delicious without, too.

We aim to please.
Mouths of Babes - Hunter

"What does that word mean, G'ma?"

"'Eat' in Italian, Honey."

"I like how it sounds in Italian!"

Mangia! Buon Appetito!