Monday, April 27, 2015

Uncle Neil Diamond

As you know, we refer to him as Neil, around here. No need to identify further. :-) But back in the day, the kids teased us by adding "Uncle," as though just "Neil" wasn't enough for an old friend or family member. I still chuckle…

The fact is, (link) our concert this tour was amazing. Hmmm, I've already established that fact - I know. But there's more…

At 74, he's continued this World Tour since "our" show to rave reviews and many surprises. He's switched up the setlist with so many gems from his big diamond of a catalogue, giving fans what they want - those old and yearned-for deep cuts. And in Mexico City, he graced fifteen thousand fans with one of their own folk songs, delivered in Spanish. The excitement and appreciation was palpable all the way to New York. I could feel it.

As a fan of fifty years, it's spellbinding to witness the give and take of what Brother Love does best. Sharing it all with Katie can't be a hindrance! Clearly, she's enhanced his perspective.

Kudos, Uncle Neil. We look forward to another show before this tour is over. In the interim, we wish you continued success. Thank you.