Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winding Down

Man, it got quiet… after the kids left, that is. We played catch-up on Saturday and also had appointments with contractors on both that day and Sunday, after which we thought to grab a cuppa Dunkin' and head to the reservoir. We know the eagles are currently nesting. It was a magnificent, sixty-something, blue-sky day. But there was not a bird-in-the-wild to be seen. Just lots of fishermen, some walking into the water, sporting high waders. We drank in the scenery and our java, before heading back home, the long way... 
We passed Philwold, the B 'n' B that touts its own exotic animal farm. It's a tad bizarre to see and hear the huge resident camel that promptly walked over to the fence, where we lingered for a few. Further in, we spotted a donkey and llamas. No one opened locked gates to invite us for a tour, though… I'd love to see that place up close and personal. 
The springlike weather is awe-inspiring. Again yesterday, sunny temps reached even warmer seventies. I celebrated by giving Mambo a haircut. He's now sporting a new do and looking quite handsome. Don't you think? Exotic in his own big and beautiful way, gotta love the Dude.