Monday, July 13, 2015

A July Run… and a "Finner" Recipe

No, not a marathon. Rather a "run" of glorious days. You know. Old-fashioned July days of summer. Wish I could bottle them, to be released during a January freeze. Yes. I wish. But since that can't happen, might as well enjoy every second while they exist. Herein, every picture tells the story of these special moments in time…
You've met our resident baby robins. Well, to say the least, their parents could not have chosen a more perfect spot to nest. The bird's eye (pun intended) view we were treated to also afforded me some pretty incredible photo ops. Saturday's above capture told us these babes were about to fly the coop. Lo and behold, on Sunday morning, we witnessed their flight. What a treat from Momma Nature!!
Mambo, in the meanwhile, was absorbing all sights 'n' sounds. Thing is, he got himself into some trouble with his humans, the other day. He never wanders from us. Well, make that "almost" never. Seems that while we weren't looking and as Neighbor Kyle and Pooch Gizmo went walking by, the Big M thought to join them. As Gizmo pulled and pulled on his lead, we're told that leash-less Mambo heeled next to Kyle for an untethered stroll. Thing is, he earned himself a nice, long rope attached to a tree, upon his naughty return. Lake folks don't look kindly upon unleashed, 140-pound canines strolling their streets. Well, except for Kyle and Giz; they enjoyed the company!
Moving along, Joe has turned into an obsessive fisherman, returning to his childhood love of the sport. Yesterday morning, he scored not one, two or three very large bass… but four, in total. We kept the limit and dined on the fattest one, last night. More in the freezer.
Photo above by and from an excited Joe who had just caught "Finner"
After texting the pic, Joe employed further modern technology by phoning me from the kayak to tell me the fish story.
Here's some of the weekend catch and a recipe for "Finner," following:
Joe scaled, cleaned and split fish. The largest weighed about four pounds, after all this beheading and such; it was quite meaty. I filled the cavity with scallions and added EVOO and lemon juice, after which I smothered the entire outside with oil and juice, as well. Spiced it up a tad  with fresh pepper and lemon zest. Wrapped and sealed in aluminum foil. Put on hot, hot grill for ten minutes and turned for another ten. The meat falls off the bones, but one still has to watch for tiny ones, while enjoying. Moving along…
We seem to have dinner pretty late, here at the lake. We're well rewarded for this new habit. Gorgeous sunsets often come with strange side effects, such as the cloud pictured above. But we haven't forgotten the beauty of the Old Homestead and during a short trip there, we treated ourselves to a homegrown bouquet.
Hope y'all are enjoying a happy, safe and healthy month.