Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lazy Blogger

It occurs to me that blogging is a winter sport. It's not for lack of lake effects and other things to share, but rather due to procrastination. Till tomorrow… and then the next tomorrow. Summer tomorrows. There are never enough. Blame it on my selfishly savoring every moment. But still, the one hundred weekend pics on NIK's media card prove my intentions to be good ones…

Born Free 'n' Lovin' Every Minute-by Joe
Foreigner Made a Good Choice-by Joe

We had a fabulous Fourth that included beautiful fireworks over Golden Pond, shared with lake friends who are back for the summer. Lots of canoe trips and caught-but-then-released fish. A close-up-and-personal, fantabulous, born free Kid Rock (I'm in love with the blankety-blank BadAss) concert that included a warm-up by adorable-new-lead-singer Kelly Hansen (best hair in rock 'n' roll) with Foreigner. Wanna know where love is?? Yes, 'twas at the gorgeous and mobbed (over 17,000) Bethel Woods. What else?

They Taste the Best when They Drip
Matilda in Scottish Garden-photo by Zu

Another drippy blueberry pie to die for, the sharing of Matilda Magic (you remember her, right?) from way 'cross the pond. Seems Zu et moi find intrigue in the same gifts from Momma Nature.

Jeesh, I almost forgot… there was a wedding. You'd think I'm a teenager, keeping up to my rock stars (hey, we're aging together). But it's true. Billy Joel married for the fourth time on the Fourth. Gotta love it. He's gonna be a daddy again… something he seems to be good at, according to Daughter Alexa.
Did I remember every mentionable? Not sure, but Lazy Blogger decided to share more photos. What better way to bring CMI to speed… a rhetorical question!
Fightin' Lake Fish
Mankind Won but Set Him Free
Paddling Home
Cheers, y'all. Hope you're enjoying some free-wheelin', lazy, hazy days of your own.
Extra Special on the Fourth