Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July's LakeKids

So, what else is new? July is zipping by at warp speed. The 28th, today, and I'm in disbelief! Since my last post, three of us turned a year older… Christian, Kelly and moi. We celebrated somewhere in the middle of our special dates, after which Hunter and Chloe stayed for a fabulous week. Needless to say, their cousins joined them for some fun… and… the weather cooperated. We had what was probably "the" week of Summer '15. Gorgeous and conducive to lake activities. Funny, but we did not once hear any one of the GrandLoves mention missing the pool. Things have a way of working out.

We did visit the Old Homestead, though, because our piano is still there and we needed to hear Hunter play. Brilliant. After all those instruments and all those lessons, it seems that a musician has finally been born to our gang. I'm chuckling. We hope he continues.
Joe is happy that both BoyLoves have taken to patient, peaceful pole, line 'n' lure fishing. It was cute to see H 'n' G out on the kayak, back to back, giggling like crazy. Okay, okay. Maybe "patient" isn't quite accurate, though, especially when the "lunker" keeps getting away. Let's say that finner instead of dinner never did happen. Not to worry, though, we plowed through food favorites, with more French toast, yogurt, watermelon, wings, pizza, burgers, mac 'n' cheese and huge salads with "Grandma's dressing" than one can imagine! I digress

Kids of all ages love netting or hooking little sunfish. The girls are okay with getting them out of a net.

Hunter mastered the art of unhooking them and returning them to life. Touching and petting their unusual texture is half the fun, once one has gotten used to squiggles. Or so I'm told. :-)
Our fishermen/women have competition. On a trip back from our lake's island, we saw a juvenile Baldie catching his prey… what a thrill to capture it with finner in its talons.

Oh, and did I mention that Chloe raised tadpoles? Yes. Taddy and Poley, found on the pool cover at Stacey. Thing is, Poley escaped his homemade aquarium. Ahem. IN THE HOUSE. It seems that when a tadpole has all four legs and a short tail, it's reborn to frog-dom. I'm just waiting for something to hop out at me… you know… when I sit on the couch to watch TV, at night…

When all was said and done, I had almost three hundred captures on NIK. I hope to make photo books for the kids. Please allow me share a few more, 'cause as Gavin's special gift to us says, "Life is better at the lake!" Yes, every picture tells a story.
We had a blast. The kids are truly what it's all about, "it" being love, life and happiness. Their glee at the tiniest little thing is grounding and inspirational.

Cheers, till the next twilight...