Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Fish Story... Unfortunately Kodak-less

I wish. Truly. But it's not happenin'. "Wish what?" you ask. "For photo proof," say I. Here's a beyond-belief fish story:

The other day, as I sat on the dock (camera with huge lens close-by) and feverishly worked on Heather's blanket, I looked up to see Joe racing the kayak towards shore.

"DID YOU SEE THAT?" shouted he.

"See what?" I calmly responded. Frankly, I thought he was rushing towards my fresh cuppa java. :-) 

"You won't BELIEVE this. I had trouble taking a pickerel off the hook to throw back. By the time I got it, it was half dead and went belly-up in the water…"

Just so you know, it seems that pickerels have nasty teeth and white bellies.

"No sooner did it hit the water when an eagle-from-nowhere came swooping down to grab the fish in its talons!!!!!"

I wish! Truly. Photo op-of-the-week missed...