Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And So This Was Christmas 2014

What better way to wind down the year than by sharing our holiday week, at the same time hoping your festivities were as beautiful and blessed as ours.
'Twas just under the wire on Eve Day for some ornament painting by Aubrey and Gavin. It was fun to have help in my cucina, with Gav shaping the holiday wreath bread. Gramps got in some wrestling. Hugs were abundant.
The Eve itself was warm and sweet. It seems THE ELF ON THE SHELF has replaced 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, with Aubs doing the honors. The local loves gleefully opened gifts early and were solemnly sworn to secrecy, so as not to spoil their cousins' surprise.
Our "Day After" celebration was nearly perfect, except for the fact that Little Miss Chloe got so sick, just in time for Santa. Poor little sweetheart stayed home with Momma Dawn and Baby Sis Lyla. We missed them terribly. You know, the best laid schemes of mice and men. But Hunter was nonetheless pleased by his cousins' presence and his gift… that well-kept secret. He was then sworn in, so as not to spoil Chloe's surprise. Whew. That was a thrill, with the older GrandLoves and their iPad minis! Don't we all do it for the joy of seeing the kids' excitement? Well, I'm here to say that we scored, this year.  
Ahem… for the record… these were gifted with parental permission, something I highly recommend if you go down this path to oblivion and Minecraft!
The food turned out pretty delicious, I'm told. There shall be lots of new recipes coming in the new year. Please stay tuned.
With Chloe and Lyla down for the count, I didn't luck out with all five grandkids in a holiday photo. But the above montage from Dawn and Christian kept the MIA girls close to our hearts.
Gramps and Gav took off for a road trip and overnight stay in Lake George, so they could ski Gore for a day. Sadly, Christian, Hunter and Chloe were unable to join them, as planned… same old nasty virus. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Vicki made it upstate for a long overdue visit. It's amazing how we simply picked up where we left off, with so much catching up to do. A girlie lunch at Danny's got us home just in time for the return of the exhausted man-in-charge of the ski trip. We had a great sleepover and next day of gabbing till our jaws were weak. Thank you, Sweet Girl. I miss you already.

So that was Christmas, bringing us to real time and New Year's Eve. Giving thanks… and to all a good night. See ya in the New Year.