Thursday, December 25, 2014

Morning Has Broken

Like a child, I'm always up before dawn on Christmas morn. It's such a peaceful time to reflect on holidays past and present. There is so much to remember, anticipate and savor.

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve, both day and night, with Aubrey and Gavin close by to make it feel like days gone by, as I fussed over food. Then, with kids in tow, a beautiful Eve at Bri 'n' Kell's, many a pit bull underfoot!

ToDay shall be quiet, as June and Ed claim their turn… but tomorrow…

We're hoping for all hell to break loose, with our whole clan in tow. Five GrandLoves make a lot of noise and render the house a wreck. Perfect.

Needless to say, I'll post many pics later on - sixty captures already reside on my holiday disc. But for now, I want to share one very precious photo, sent by Andrea, Michelle's most special and unique Mom. With Andrea as her mentor, there is no wonder as to why that girl held us captive… and continues to do so. Michelle's butterfly speaks to the bittersweetness of the occasion so perfectly. Treasures in our heart never leave us, really. And so she is with us, this December 25th, along with Mom, Dad and Gran.

Merry Christmas. May we all make spectacular new memories as we hold on to those of our past.