Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st… But First...

Backtracking a bit, as promised

Thanksgiving has a way of bringing a deep joy to the soul. There is just nothing like the tradition of the day and all its trimmings. We had a great one, for which I continue to give… well, you know… thanks.

Gorgeous, artistic Chloe met us at the door with a project she'd been working on all morning. It reduced this sentimental Granny to happy tears. Yes, the gifts of thought and time are so very noteworthy and she made our day.

There were no prize-worthy photos to be had, 'cause the kids were just too wild with glee. Friends joined us and we were introduced to Jessiah, recently adopted by her forever family. Kudos to her for fitting right in with all the commotion and our louder-than-loud family (adults included)! And, there were cupcakes. See for yourselves. 

Thanks, Christian and Dawn… you hosted a perfect day. 
Okay, now Christmas carols are acceptable. It was tough to find a station on Turkey Day that wasn't already into Joy To The World. It seems that the push for Santa gets earlier and earlier, each year. But December 1st seems so right to think ahead; and thus, we spent our long holiday weekend transitioning. We'll twinkle and glow tonight to mark the date.