Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Big Baby's Birthday!

We just love Mambo… cannot believe he's eight years old, today. Seems like just yesterday that we brought this dream puppy home. His one and only desire in life is to be next to us. Always well behaved. Listens to gentle commands - no need to shout them a gazillion times. Loves lovin'. If there's such a thing as perfection in the animal kingdom, he'd be it.
The problem is, he's an old giant, now, and occasionally, he let's us know when he's not up for jumping in the car or climbing steps. It can be upsetting, but we understand and don't push him. Instead, we do the best we can for him. For example, today I made him peanut butter and glucosamine birthday trifles. Fancy schmancy. He loves 'em and the glucosamine helps his mobility, for sure. Maybe the protein-rich peanut butter does, too… but that's the "candy" for him! 

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pooch. You enhance our lives beyond words.