Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"I Won't Grow Up…"

For Tigger, a good friend of CMI's, it's Pooh all the way. But for this chick, the mention of Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook, The Lost Boys or Tink puts a humongous smile on my face, as my eyes go all misty with happy memories. And so, you're on notice, Friends! 

Tomorrow night, they'll be a live - yes, LIVE - presentation, starring many and including Christopher Walken as Hook. Chloe tells me that he looks scary in the ads, but "….not that scary, G'ma, because of his silly mustache." Ah, the mouths of babes, in more ways than one…

 For a nostalgic read, won't you please visit my 2009 post on this, a favorite topic. Therein lies Aubrey's sentiments, when she was not yet so danged grown up
Please join me in watching Mary Martin, the Peter of my youth and forever a child in this vid:

My excitement is palpable just Color Me!