Saturday, December 20, 2014

On and Off the Needles - Bitchy Bernat Boa

Pardon my French, but sometimes a girl just has to say what she really feels! It goes like this:
My tendency to overbuy yarn afforded me with more Bernat Boa than anyone should try to deal with. It's a bitch to work with, all fine and eye-lashy. First up was a scarf specifically for my cousin, Evelyn. She has pretty gray hair and the Lion Homespun in that shade and combined with Boa worked up perfectly for her. Extremely down in the dumps, with her daughter waging a fierce battle against ovarian cancer, I know she'll love a little "Santa's Warmth" coming her way. Please say a prayer for Gina. What next with this fussy yarn?
To the rescue, Lion Homespun in yet another shade is looking good and again making it tolerable to work with. This shall be a different style and longer.

I know, I know - a more "challenging" pattern was supposed to be up next. Thing is, this yarn is providing me with more problems than I need, right now… but the results are really pretty and mega, mega-soft. Try it, you'll love it. NOT!