Saturday, November 22, 2014

Crème Brûlée

Joe came out of the woods to check out lake-house progress and take me to lunch. Danny's, a local hotspot in a nearby town, was absolutely hopping. It's fantastic to see the old establishment continuing to pack 'em in, while other places languish, often due to boring menus, inflated prices and poor attitudes.

We rarely ask for a dessert menu, but I needed something sweet to top off the occasion. Our waitress seemed elated to tell us about the fab choices. She need not have gone further than the first item. I can't remember my last indulgence in the exquisite combination of heavy cream, egg yolks and sugar. Trying to think of it as protein - so important for healing. :-)
"Borrowed Photo"
We shared. But I have to tell you that Danny's doesn't serve it in tiny ramekins. Happiness is clearly in burnt cream. Leave it to the French. Thinking of Julia, here.

Bon Appétit!!