Sunday, November 23, 2014

NOT Missing Starz - Yet Another Cable Scam

Joe had heard about an eight-episode miniseries, The Missing, and was anxious to watch. So, last night we tuned into the depressing first episode on Starz TV. After an hour of horror, he asked if I was up to Episode 2. "Sure," said I, "why not…"

LOCKED. Yep, for $15.95, we can watch the rest of the series. Gotta love (NOT) cable providers. If they can't get you one way, they'll find another. 

If you've been reading along on CMI, you'll know where we stand on this one. The Missing shall be missing from our lives, till it's free. Or, shall I say, "Till it's included in cable's already-inflated-beyond-belief cost."

More shame on providers. But, it's okay, 'cause I need some humor in my life.