Sunday, November 16, 2014

Neil Diamond Wearin' His Heart On His Sleeve

Not too crazy about ND's trip down Melody Road in his recent album release, with the exception of Nothing But A Heartache, an already-classic-in-my-mind tune. With just a few guitar chords, great background music and his gorgeous, heart-wrenching voice, the man is telling a story. Perfect. His Katie seemingly saved him from the depths of lovelorn despair and this fan couldn't be happier. He looks great at almost 74, his vocals are intact, he remains a romantic and he's (link) STILL in my life after almost 50 years. Imagine.

We almost shared space, recently. Unfortunately, almost doesn't count…

Neil made a return visit to his alma mater, Erasmus High School, and performed for some very appreciative fans. This fan was just a borough away, that night. But my docs simply didn't understand. How's that for yet more coincidence associated to the soundtrack of my life?

See ya on tour, ND, with NBAH on the setlist, please.

VEVO will not allow this vid to play on CMI, so please go watch HERE on YouTube.