Friday, November 7, 2014

"Gracepoint" - A Nick Nolte Spoiler

Just last week, I had reason to mention Pat Conroy's book, THE PRINCE OF TIDES, to someone. It remains an all-time favorite, for me. Then, there's the movie based on the book. It was terrific, except that you really didn't get to know The Prince, as you do in the book. Still, Nick Nolte gave an Oscar-nominated/Golden Globe-winning performance as Tom Wingo, playing opposite the one and only Barbra, who also directed the film. See here what Roger Ebert had to say, back in the day.
So, you ask, what does this have to do with the fabulous entry by FOX TV called "Gracepoint"…. a ten-episode whodunit?? Nick Nolte. He became this week's prime suspect, as a result of which - and here's the part that's a spoiler - we witnessed his swan song. I'm upset…

When we recognized him as old Jack, both Joe and I were thrilled. Now here's someone we haven't seen on the screen in too long of a time. Always a favorite, it is obvious as the day is long…

Mr. Nolte can sure evoke human agony well. One can feel his characters' internal pain, in many of his roles. It's palpable.

I highly recommend ALL of the above mentioned titles.