Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Beautiful Face Of Twelve ♡

Today is our Sugar's twelfth birthday. Jeesh. Talk about time flying. The actual day of her arrival was something we'll never forget…

After getting the call from Bri that Kelly was in the hospital and in labor, we quickly went for Mom and headed to Middletown to the then-named Horton. We waited and waited and waited some more. Bri relayed the news that it would be a long while before Baby Girl screamed her way into the world. So…

The three of us went to the movies. Funny thing is, neither Joe nor I can remember what we saw…

Original Zombie Nerd with a
Strange Minecrafter! 2014
Back to the hospital. Nada. Bri suggested we return to Monti to wait it out. No sooner did we drive the thirty miles and walk in the door, when…

Yep! Bri called. Aubs had arrived. Quickly…

We rushed back to welcome our Sugar to the world. What an event! And to this very day, she has done nothing but spread sunshine in all the lives she touches.

Yet again, I retell this story. Aubrey loves to hear it.
Loving our girl more than words can say.

Happy Birthday, Sugar!
Now, you can legally sit in the front seat and you're legitimately a pre-teen!!
(Just a little inside humor, here.)
Believe and Be Happy!