Sunday, November 9, 2014

First Date

This just-past October 16th, Joe and I celebrated our 48th anniversary rather quietly, albeit with special gratitude. It's been a rough haul, since the beginning of September. Here it is November 9th already… and today, we went on a first date of sorts. NIK (my Nikon, in case you've forgotten) came along to capture the Sunday sun; we became happily reacquainted. You see, I was unable to leave hospital or house for a simple ride, lunch and photo shoot, favorite pastimes during foliage season. Views from various windows told me leaf colors were spectacular… but that's just not the same as finding remote trails with surprise palettes. I digress. Our first stop was at the lake house, where trees are rather barren. But there was a surprise in store for us…
November roses on a shrub we'd gifted Mom many, many moons ago were blooming brilliantly. We've had frosty mornings, yet here's the proof… and with winter holly berries framing them, no less. Phenomenal. Feeling Mom. 
Inside, the gutted great room awaits the installation of an oak floor and a spectacular kitchen by (link) Kaplan Cabinets. Through this ordeal, we've identified new friends whom we gratefully thank. Patient contractors, put on health-hold, were accepting of our situation. Their only question for Joe became, "How is Nicki feeling?" It has been a bit tough queueing them up again, in order to pick up where we left off. That's to be expected, though, as all are fantastic craftspeople and very busy. Meanwhile, though...

A serious shout-out needs to go to Irving Kaplan, responsible for executing my choices in our gorgeous Old Homestead cucina and currently storing the new lake version, long finished, in his box truck. It was supposed to be installed over a month ago and we can't wait to say the words, "We're ready for delivery!" Talk about patience. If you read this, please accept our heartfelt thanks, Irv. You're a pal.

Here's to first dates, simple rides, a burger and fries, a few pics, some glorious Sunday sun and the hope of being able to enjoy the results of this massive project we undertook.

Giving Thanks.