Saturday, November 22, 2014

LakeHouse Progress - Pardon Our Dust!

We're in full swing, again, with our contractors seemingly sharing our excitement. How nice of Aaron to text us after just starting the floor installation to say how nice our choice is. He's just begun the daunting job of laying it diagonally. Stay tuned to see the ensuing kitchen installation, complete with diagonals of its own!! Irving's start-call is right around the corner, now. Please pardon the white film. We're a tad dusty from spackling and taping.

The leaded window went in via the wall in the newly created master bathroom. Use your imagination to picture the quarter-round moulding that will finish it off. Our neighbors approve. Again, a nice job by Aaron and crew.
Never had a chance to post a picture of the retaining wall Joe surprised me with when I came home from the hospital. Chris, who's also responsible for the stamped concrete patio, did a gorgeous job. Besides its aesthetic value, it will keep lake water from eroding our shoreline. This type of work has to be done in the fall, when water levels are lower and the lake dammed for winter. We hope to have a new dock built in the spring; G-d willing.
We'd initially hoped to have a holiday lake-warming party… but as I mentioned in an earlier post, we're learning all about patience. Besides, good things are always worth waiting for. Wouldn't you agree?