Friday, November 14, 2014


Look at that face! Circa '11
Life takes some bizarre twists, for sure. But as one who formerly dreamt of the morning's first cuppa, this one takes the proverbial cake. Coffee has lost its appeal. Believe me, I keep trying - a sip here or a small cup there (Dunkin'). Nada. It tastes like poison. 

It's not even the coffee itself that I miss. It's the ritual. You know. Especially upon arising. The celebration of a new day doesn't seem complete without an oversized mug in my hands. In the summer, 'twas taking it outside to watch the sun rise. In the winter, it's to the living room to wrap my hands around its warmth, meditate and wonder about temps beyond the picture windows. Yes, I'm a creature of habit.
Ahem! "Maison Du Cafe??"
Okay, okay - so I'm forced to give up something that can't be tolerated. That doesn't mean the porcelain vessel has to go, though.

So far, I've served up heart-healthy oatmeal, pasta, soups, mini-salads, yogurt with cereal and fruit, etc., etc. Even Boost, currently necessary to go no further than a 20-pound weight loss, tastes special. Of course, my British friends probably wonder, "How 'bout tea?" Just doesn't cut it, if not on ice and in a tall glass.
A toast, oatmeal in hand, to y'all… Happy, Healthy Friday!