Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good Sunday Morning from Golden Pond

It's a rainy day, here on Golden Pond, but somehow the sun seems to shine, regardless. At 6:30 a.m., I opened the blinds to the view above, captured through the glass, so as not to disturb our hungry heron.

The last day of May! Hard to believe it has zipped by so quickly. For me, it's going out with a bang and the discharge by my surgeon. How 'bout that? So, what to do but celebrate with trees, shrubs 'n' flowers…

We added our wreath to the roadside of the house. I guess that says that we're officially moved in. You know the story. Made by moi with all branches from the Old Homestead, it carries lots of memories and stays with us. Then, we hit the lakeside, creating beds around the gorgeous patio. Wowsa! We're a team, Joe et moi.
It's looking so pretty.

To celebrate further, Joe had Round 2 of his birthday with "the other half" of the family. A sunset dinner…

Kids were adorable and affectionate and celebrating their own good news: National Junior Honor Society induction for Aubs and astounding test grades for Gav. Ah, beautiful AND brilliant!