Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gushing Gratitude

My surgeon, Tracey Arnell, is as big as a minute - this description taken straight from Gran.  Of course, the expression means that she is tiny. But she's got seemingly ginormous hands of gold. More from Gran. If you're a subscriber to CMI, you'll remember she always said that to me, in praise of something I'd crafted, painted, drawn, sewn, crocheted or knitted. Dr. Arnell's hands of gold, though, are of a different variety. I'll forever be indebted to their ability, as they executed the commands from an obviously brilliant and talented mind… 
And when she told me to believe, I did. Well, sort of. Had a few doubts, over the last eight months, that the reversal surgery would ever happen. There were some bumps in the road. But I made it. Monday, the 18th, went exceptionally well and I'm put back together again. It's a beautiful thing and I'm prayerful that it lasts. The patients who do not have the good fortune of temporary situations have my undying love and respect. They are silent heroes, often gliding by to no one's awareness… results accepted and handled with grace. You ask, "What the hell is she speaking to?" Soon, I'll be thorough, 'cause I've a lot to share. But for now...

I was out of the hospital by Wednesday, ever so excited to return to the healing serenity of Golden Pond. The huge blue heron and an eagle greeted me with fly-bys. Lucky girl, I am. And then, I had a couple of rough days, but by Saturday it was a different story. Felt better in time for Christian, Dawn, Hunter, Chloe and Lyla to visit on Sunday, in celebration of my Joe's birthday on the 25th. It was a glorious day. Still, I'm gushing gratitude and feeling like a miracle happened.

When I popped the media card into Mac, there were an even hundred captures on it. A few are included here. They speak. Wouldn't you agree?

Endless, eternal thanks to all who have traveled this path with me, lending prayers, support and love

Here's to free flyin' and a
Happy, Happy Birthday to
my Love.