Thursday, May 14, 2015

LakeHouse Cucina 'n' ESP

Busy day, today, here on Golden Pond. I've a mental list to physically plow through, before going under the knife, on Monday… that is, if surgery isn't postponed, yet again. Assuming it's a go, Mambo needed a haircut, before he heads to the doggie hotel. (Ya never know what chicks he might encounter!) Man, does this pooch produce hair. That's right. It's hair, not fur, on Black Russian Terriers. After he suffered under the clippers and scissors for about three hours, he passed out. Poor baby was pooped, but he looks gorgeous after our first lakeside session.

There was still some energy left in this old broad's body. So, a few more things were accomplished. Check. Check. Check. As I worked, there was the thought of ocean-caught flounder for dinner - you know, the individually wrapped fillets that are so handy to have in the freezer. No sooner the thought when Joe walked in with fresh cod steaks. Thick and white as snow. How's that for ESP?
Suddenly, dinner became exciting.
Into the oven went tip-tip potatoes and breaded fish with fresh scallions… yum. Still inspired to do a bit more, I put up the first banana/choco chip loaf in my Zo, now residing at the LakeHouse. It'll be ready for dessert, later on, when I pass out on the couch.
For Tip-Tips, peel 'em and cut into bite-sized pieces before adding EVOO and sprinkling with garlic powder and paprika. Put in hot, hot oven (425 degrees) well before fish, so they can cook through and begin to brown.

For this Fish Dish, soak in evaporated milk and roll in cornmeal seasoned with garlic powder, paprika and pepper. Double dunk and roll for extra breading. Put EVOO in bottom of pan, add fish. Squeeze on fresh lemon juice, top with scallions and EVOO. Lower oven to 350 degrees, leaving potatoes in and adding fish. Cook for about 25 minutes.

We'd both had veggies and salad for lunch, so I served with applesauce. Very nice.
Buon Appetito!