Friday, May 1, 2015

♥Birthday Girls! ♥

May 1st. A day to celebrate, in our family. It gave us Mm, our gorgeous matriarch, and Little Miss Chle, our sassy sweetheart.

After arriving home with us on Easter Sunday, Chloe bolted upstairs to execute her first piece of artwork. I've dubbed this piece "Family" and it certainly says it all…

Sometime into the week, I took my little digital camera out of retirement, left it on the kitchen island and told the kids to have some fun with it. Ah, but the first problem became, "How does one take selfies?" No turn-around button, as with more familiar and current devices. "Just hold it at arm's length, Honey… like this." And Chloe set to work, resulting in some comical captures of an array of expressions.

Tomorrow, it's party time! We'll celebrate a First Holy Communion and a special 8th birthday. We're excited. She's  precious.
Happy Birthday, Chloe…

And Happy Birthday, Mom… always close by… eternally in our hearts and on our minds.
We love our Girls.