Saturday, May 16, 2015

Today on Golden Pond

Joe is building a new dock. Impressive. It's all figured out numerically, on paper, and is coming together nicely, thus far. It'll have huge black - emphasis on the black - floats underneath. They won't show. That is, if this drought ever ends and the water comes up
to its normal level. I've an aversion to royal blue tarps and floats. It's a Long Island-girl-in-the-country thing. See them on the last remaining section of our once-huge old dock? One by one, each of its sections floated away. We didn't bother retrieving and now we see them being used here and there on Golden Pond. Fact is, the blues didn't show either, when the surf was up. But maybe I willed them away?? They bothered me. I know, I know… I'm a tad nuts… moving along…

The gorgeous red hibiscus Joe gifted me for Mother's Day has found a home on the deck. Couldn't believe we scored that pot, as red is our current color to accent the browns all around. Pretty, right? Notice how everything is covered in clumps of maple seeds… they'll be fallin' for some time. As fast as one sweeps them away… well, you know. So, I went au natural for my capture.

If all goes without a hitch, I've a date with my surgeon on Monday. I'm scared and excited, at the same time. During this step, she'll put me back together again… to reiterate, if all goes without a hitch. Hope y'all lend me a prayer and good vibe. I hope to recoup here at the lake. It's so soothing to watch water and whatever else comes our way… like the other morning…

A big bald eagle swooped by our shoreline… low and soaring… Joe saw him and yelled excitedly to me. But it was too late. See? Can't turn your eyes from that water for a minute!! Next trip, maybe? And perhaps then I'll have photo proof.

Tonight, Aubs and Gav are coming for their first lakeside sleepover.

Happy Saturday.