Sunday, May 10, 2015

M♥ther's Day

Funny that the day is nearly over and I'm just getting to my blog. That's what happens when we celebrate in stages. But please believe that I started planning today's post last Wednesday, when I came across this movie-star-gorgeous picture of Mom with my baby bro. How adorable is he?! I was actually looking for a particular print (pictured in my mind's eye) of Mom et moi, but never did find that one. So Ronnie (now Ron) stars with Mom for this day. It's only right, 'cause after all, we did share her never-ending love and beautiful ways. And we both miss her. But we also both carry her in our hearts and souls and shall forever do so.
I'm a lucky girl (using that word loosely, here) and was delighted to spend time with four of my men. Lunch in New Paltz with Christian, on Saturday. Dinner at the lake with Bri and Gav on Sunday. It was a beautiful weekend… unexpected, since we were all together just last weekend. But who can get enough lovin' ever? 
And even Momma Nature cooperated with a brilliant weekend, allowing my Joe to treat me to a kayak cruise and lazy day.
Who could ask for more...

Happy Mother's Day… just under the wire, but nonetheless heartfelt, warm and fuzzy. Not  even remotely all that I planned to say… but I'm exhausted from all the celebrating… and relaxing… and staring at our gorgeous surroundings. Guess I'm just in love.