Sunday, May 17, 2015

HIATUS… but first…

We had our first sleepover in the new digs, last night. Whew! After popcorn, dinner, a hot Monopoly game, some sound snoozin' and breakfast, we passed the criteria test. Seems that wherever we are, we've the GrandLoves' approval. It was fun.
What a blast! Two hours of no devices or kiddie
squabbles… just boatloads of laughs.
Meanwhile, the project of the weekend was a huge success.
This photo of Gramps courtesy of Aubs
As promised, the master carpenter responsible for so much of the fabulous renovation showed up both yesterday and today. He and Joe worked hard to finish the masterpiece. We've a gorgeous dock and a fantastic new friend. Joe and I thank you, Aaron.
A gorgeous weekend on Golden Pond. I'll be missing it for a few… hope to be back soon.