Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lake Daze

Lake days have put us in a daze… the weather has been gorgeous. I've waited a long time to say those words! Of course, we're in a drought. But hey, do you want perfection?!
It's also been brilliantly quiet, at the lake. The real action doesn't begin till the kids are out of school. I love it. Talk about "Serenity now!" Remember that "Seinfeld" moment?
It's been redefined.

Our new-found friend, Rich, has done boatloads (pun intended) of jobs for us, waterside. Can't wait to have him and his new bride, Kelly, for a barbecue, this summer. When he saw the finished great room, he said he'd never get anything done there… wouldn't even turn on the TV… would just sit and stare at the water. There's that daze, again. What IS it about staring at water? Seems to be a universal pastime… one that soothes the soul.
But back to beginnings, last summer…
Christian's Mother's Day azalea, gifted to me many moons ago. We put it against the LakeHouse, for warmth… and it's thriving.
Look at those buds!! Still, I can picture him walking down the Old Homestead's sidewalk, his face hidden by hot pink blooms.
A very special shrub. And here it is, Mother's Day weekend again. I've a lunch date with C in just a few hours…

a very special son.

Rich cleared the roadside bed for us, prior to Joe's and my propagating and/or transplanting treasures from the Old Homestead. You might recall my blogs about baby trees 'n' such. We've so many we're attached to… the thought of leaving them behind when the house sells is unbearable. Thing is, we had a brutal winter and did lose more shrubs, trees and flowers than the norm for an Upstate New York frigid spell.
But then there are those that are surviving the life.
We started this ever-red lace leaf maple from seed! Its parent resides
next to the patio at the Old Homestead. This one is on its way
to being a beauty, too!

Not only did Michelle's memorial Japanese maple
take root, but her little ornament survived the
snow, as well. The tree, also from seed, is a
descendant of the large tree often featured
in wintry posts about our feathered friends.

I miss My Michelle.
And then there's grass… there are challenges to growing it when winds blow off that water rather steadily and a gazillion varieties of birds find the seeds, in spite of all the hay layered on top. But every day, we water. And every day, we look for signs.
And there they were, yesterday. Magnifying glass, please...