Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cacao Nibs

Endless Possibilities!
When I think twice before consuming something, it's easy to pass by foods that have absolutely no nutritional value. Consider bread.

My new experience with Zojirushi has had me making one-pound healthy loaves with a mere cup of flour, two tablespoons of sweetening honey, eggs and boatloads of fresh/frozen/dried fruit and/or pumpkin/banana, etc. A one-pound loaf of white bread has more than two cups of flour and no redeeming contents. It's not that I didn't make all kinds of scratch breads before… ah, but the simplicity of tossing everything and anything into the machine for a mess-free, excellent end product allows me so much extra time for other loves… and loaves. :-)

Additionally, fruit-breads have replaced starchy, high-cholestrol, dinner side dishes for us. Their satisfying effects seem to remain, eliminating the need for sweet desserts. A piece of fruit or a half-cup of yogurt suffices. And then, there's the simple banana… a great sleep aid, proven by my sound over-six hours, last night. To make it seem special, slice it into a pretty dish and top with a tablespoon of yogurt and pretend it's banana cream pie without crust.
Now, you ask, what do cacao nibs have to do with all this. Please check them out to see for yourself. As of this week, they've become a staple here at the Old Homestead. They'd even be delicious on that fake cream non-pie. 

Another day, another menu...Buon Appetito!