Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Motherlode of This 'n' That - A Venison Recipe

Less Is More. Hmmm. Kind of making its mark as a standard line around here. Cases in point:

Joe has an ongoing relationship with Sam's Club. Thing is, we're not always in need of a motherlode of, let's say, apples and bananas. Oooh-kay, the weather still sucks, so I don't mind using Zo to bake some healthy fruit-breads, 'specially when we can share with Bri and crew. Today, I added choco-chips, so now it's fruit-cake.

But then, what to do with the motherlode of kiwifruit? Jeesh. Yep, Joe's find during yesterday's trip. I'm not sure why he was so enthralled by the fuzzy little beasts, since he claims to dislike them. That said, I was immediately reminded of Kramer's excessive purchase of bargain beef-a-reeno. Remember? He fed it to Rusty amidst the Seinfeld insanity of an amazing episode, "The Rye." So many hilarious incidentals in a story proclaimed by Jerry to be about nothing. And to continue...

By coincidence, I'd taken butterfly steaks out of the "big" freezer, where we seem to have a motherlode of venison. Don't even get me started. As it thawed, I thought to Google "…what to do with a lot of kiwifruit…" Well, I'll be danged. Who knew of its tenderizing abilities? A match made in heaven for tonight's dinner. Thing is, only one half a fruit will work on five pounds of meat. Just bludgeon me now, why don't ya; that leaves boatloads of kiwis. I digress. Do NOT rub the meat too soon or you'll have smush instead of tender bites. About forty-five minutes to cooking time is perfect. 
Delicious, sprinkled with garlic powder/paprika, sautéed in a little hot EVOO and served with onions.

Buon Appetito.