Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Murphy's Law - A Case In Point

We've discussed weather ad nauseam; no need to reiterate, right? Keep tundra-time in mind, though, as I chat up the latest development, here at the Old Homestead.

In the 43 years we've resided in our gorgeous abode, our well pump has blown 3 times. Not bad, wouldn't you agree?

The first time we were young 'n' rugged and manually pulled the 200 feet of piping across the front lawn and into the woods. It was a memorable, exhausting day… and, we wrecked the entire center of the front lawn. It was springtime and muddy. The next 2 times are rather distant recollections, except for the cold and snowy conditions. I can't get a grip on them; my help must not have been required. That was then - this is now.
Of course, point of access is buried under layers and layers of ice and snow; and the pump is still 200 feet underground.  It's snowing and temps are sub-zero with the windchill. Sorry. It's impossible not to reiterate, as promised, 'cause that's where old Murphy factors in. Dead pump in dead of winter…
To the rescue, this time, is Neighbor Paul-The-Plumber. He owns an Up-Z-Daisy pump puller, currently worth its weight in gold.

Guesstimated shower time? I'm sayin' 4:00 p.m.

Gotta love the odds.