Thursday, February 19, 2015

Piss and Moan - Pollyanna Takes a Break - What Can You Do

This post requires no photos. And I apologize in advance for its negativity. But some weeks are simply impossible. 

First, the well pump. Okay, so what can you do… a rhetorical question. Water issues solved? Not quite.

Next morning, a drenched boiler room. The hot water tank blew. Back came Paul-The-Plumber. He and Joe set things right, after the delivery of a new tank. Ahem. Water under the bridge? Sure, but with...

A financial toll of about two grand, with a fair price from Paul, discounted cost of material and Joe's free labor. The average homeowner would have paid half again that amount, making us lucky?? :-) Regardless, things are things and don't mean a thing, in the long run. Except, of course, for the monetary burden. Oooh-kay…

Switching gears and on to today's scheduled med-procedure in the Big Apple. A ten-thirty a.m. appointment required my presence by nine-thirty, which in turn called for a departure time of seven a.m. Not till one p.m. were we advised by my surgeon by phone that all might happen at three p.m. Seemed my case had suffered a glitch. This with a gazillion unanswered questions, exhaustion, hunger, thirst and rattled nerves. With the whole shebang postponed by moi, we left Manhattan. Monetarily, the day ran about a hundred bucks for nothing to be accomplished. The emotional toll? Didn't do wonders for my blood pressure.

Upon our arrival home, another call from Ms. Surgeon, who apologized profusely. Remember those gazillion questions? I requested answers to all. She obliged; we parted with apology accepted and a new plan.

"__it happens. Sometimes." Thanks, Forrest, for your precise articulation.

Got plans?? My advice is to stay flexible. We're so not in control. Tomorrow, Mother Nature shall ground us with temps dipping to record-breaking negatives. Mi scusi! Didn't we break those records, last week? Perhaps a day for TV, a good book, some new beads and a loaf from Zo. It'll seem like a party, after today, unless we lose power, eh? All said, I'll take my own advice and remain flexible…

What the hell else can you do… a rhetorical question.