Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Steven Van Zandt

When we saw Bruce in concert in 2012, I was so excited when none other than Little Steven Van Zandt took the stage. Always loved him as the bandana-wearing sidekick to the Boss. And then there are his radio shows. And "The Sopranos" run, during which he played Silvio. That face. You'd think only a mother could love it, but the funny thing is that it has incredible star appeal. And deservedly so. Creative people are just… well… creative in all arenas. Bringing me to "Lilyhammer," the show that takes place in Lillehammer, Norway, where Van Zandt's character ends up in the witness protection program, after testifying against a mob boss in New York. I know, I know… sounds familiar. Thing is, it's not! Give it a shot on Netflix and consider peeling your bananas from the opposite end.

Highly Recommended