Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cracker Barrel - A Vacation Throwback

Traveling south makes one extremely aware of just how many Cracker Barrel stores/restaurants there are in the good old US of A. Jeesh. I've been known to buy something in one store, only to return it ten miles down the road, under yet another big sign in the sky. They make great, clean rest-stops, after one has indulged in a fattening pancake and coffee breakfast. Yep, every ten miles. Honestly, I just look at extremely overweight restaurant patrons and feel the pounds piling on. But best of all…

Those danged cans of Jelly Belly beans. Joe and I usually eat them till they make us sick… and then, we swear off them for the rest of vacation. Hey, isn't indulgence what holiday is all about?

Here's to y'all. Cheers and all that good stuff.