Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Pirate In Our Midst

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

A Listening Interlude

Do you know this beautiful song? It is from one of my top five Broadway plays, Aida. The score from that show is amazing. Nothing to watch here; but if you have five minutes to spare, I hope you'll be touched.

Batman's Baby Blues

Waste Not...Want Not!

Hammerin' Some Lovin'

G'ma said this is a "mallet" (a new word for me!) that my Great G'pa Gus made for her. It's one of her special treasures; and she let ME use it to break up some chocolate for our Hallowe'en cupcakes.

"Mashy & Gooey"...

...says my youngest Grandson.
Perfect play for four-year-old hands!

No Words

Photo Credit HJS

Friday, October 30, 2009

Frightening Update

Just a couple of posts down, you'll find "Beauty Or The Beast?". By sheer coincidence and on the same day, this linked article about the young musician, Taylor Mitchell, was printed in the LA TIMES. My G-d; I can't believe this. R.I.P., Ms. Mitchell.

Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Do y'all remember "meeting" Michelle via Kim'sHappyFeet, an August post? Well, I have quite the heartwarming story to share with you.

Yesterday's mail brought me an overwhelming surprise. A pair of Fabulous Flippers tumbled out of a poufy, yellow envelope, along with a wonderful, handwritten letter; a Hallowe'en card; and a picture of the cutest puppy.... all from Michelle.

Pink... I'm loving pink! Pink flip-flops, adorned with colorful, heart-y ribbon; pink, heart-bordered paper; pink ink... it's no wonder Niece Kim loves Michelle so much! (Pink is Kim's favorite color, too!) I'm feeling like such a girl... and so in love with my new pen pal. Yes; there were instructions at the end of the letter to Write Back - firmly underscored! I'm excited.

Michelle nonchalantly brought me up to date on her treatment. Tears representing the entire spectrum of emotions were flowing. This child is spirited, smart, funny; I can't wait to hug her, in person. Kim, are you reading? Get our room ready, please.

Meanwhile, Michelle has consented to take some Christmas orders from me. She'll fill them when she's feeling well enough to do so... I'm praying that the well-time will be gifted upon her in abundance. She won't set a price; so, I'm doing so. I'm thinking $10.00 a pair, plus $3.00 for shipping. Need more than one pair? Up to three may be ordered with the same cost of shipping. That sounds fair, don't you think? Please let me know if you'd like to place an order... she'll need to know sizes.

If you don't need any Flippers at the moment, maybe you'd consider purchasing your holiday greeting cards from my all-time favorite source: M.D. Anderson's Children'sArtProject.

Now, if you'll excuse me... I need to write a snail-mail letter... you know, back to basics. Thank you so much for all the prayers you can spare for my new pen-pal, Michelle.
PS.. Aubrey's funky polish came in handy; it goes so well with the turquoise ribbon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Beauty...

...and some almost-Presidential advice!
(Reuters Photo-NY MAGAZINE)

Beauty Or The Beast?

Be careful what you wish for! Sweet, little bunny rabbits used to annoy the **&&%%## out of me, as their dessert fare always consisted of my prize roses. I have not seen one in the last ten years. The reason? The coyote population is growing by leaps and bounds. This elusive, nocturnal, carnivores animal is scary, to me. Conservationists are thrilled. Are all G-d's creatures objects of beauty?
(Night Visions Photo Credit - BJS)


Please go to link and ponder this:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mesmerizing Michael

this is it... a must-see. I'll harbor its impact for a long, long time. I'll watch it again and again, as i plan to purchase the dvd upon its release. It's how I hope MJ can be remembered. If people are able to separate themselves from the horror that surrounded him, they'll see his genius... his kindness... his humanity... his love. Honestly, i'd like to meet the person who comes away from this with so much as an iota of negativity... impossible.

He treats the brilliant artists chosen for the tour with sensitivity and love, wanting each to shine individually. He is tuned into every note, every beat, every step, every second of the performance... as he envisions the feeling he wants to impart...

And the audience gets it... accepts it... the gift of love. oh, to have seen the tour come to fruition...

the movie, strictly about the man and his music, should be incorporated into high school music classes. it... he... would inspire fledgling artists to reach for great musical heights.

i feel a touch of joy for his mother, as odd as that may sound. i'm hoping worldwide acceptance of the film will put a little smile back into her sad eyes.

Make A Little Space in your life for this treasure; bring someone you love; help the healing along...


Not sure on this one.
I just hope he doesn't
ruin the potential for a
megastar career before he even peaks.
Had he asked me? My suggestion would have leaned towards his Elvis rock 'n' roll look.
But, hey, he didn't ask!
I'll still be buying some music.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Through The Eyes Of Five



Color Me Catskills

It was tough to choose just one drive-by photo, representative of the exquisite October beauty of our Catskill mountains.... worth the trip from anywhere!

Monday, October 26, 2009

We're Back!

Can anybody hear me???
Photo Credit: AP

Friday, October 23, 2009

NY TIMES... Fashion & Style... Really!

So, do you Neti? I know, I know, "It's gross!" Would you consider it if recommended in the Fashion & Style section of the NY TIMES? Perhaps Dr. Oz can convince you? Whatever! It's flu season, and I'll try anything once! Just think, "Clean, salt air." Now, isn't that inspiring?

Okay, So Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Summer happened, but the job got done, thanks to long Yankee games! Mambo thinks it's soft and pretty! What's next?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Every Picture

For the past several mornings, Mambo and I have passed by this quiet little house a mile or so down a road perpendicular to our own. It has recently been remodeled from a tiny stucco box home. The new windows still bear their stickers; and the white is gleaming. I can't help but reminisce...

It used to belong to a gentleman... make that gentle man... named Nip, his lovely wife, Ilone, and their daughter, Ilona. If you Google these unusual female names, you'll find them to have wonderful meanings, well suited to the former female inhabitants of this little house.

This family redefined the level of joy one could find in life's simplest gifts: deer in the woods; poppies blooming bright red on the right side of the house, once theirs; a simple, fulfilling meal; black and white photography; a visit from a neighbor; chatting about wildlife; sharing the seeds of those poppies. The list goes on - truly. Joe and I learned a lot from Nip and Ilone, when we were just newly married "kids". The warmth in their home was palpable. I think they'd be happy to know that it still holds them in its memories.

I sure hope the current owners will plant some poppy seeds, when they landscape. Now that would be just perfect!

Yes, I do believe that Every Picture Tells A Story.

"C" Thinks She's Responsible....

If so, "Thanks, Kate! Keep on charmin' A-Rod!!"
Photo Credit: ConcreteLoop

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey, Coz Maddy... Check This Out...

See this spelling? That makes three! And what an adorable puppy, too.

Photo from TheDailyPuppy, one of the coolest sites on the Internet! Check it out.

Freaking Out

This is one county below us; about a half hour from here: Scary. What's going on?

Indian Summer

Mambo and I are on the road again. Indian Summer's warm, hazy, quiet days are inspirational and reminiscent of those few we experienced during our fleeting "real" summer, this year. Time to take a hike. In the sunny sixties tomorrow... I'm lovin' this.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Try As We May... Try As We Might...

Never shall we duplicate this color just right

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Code

The balloon-boy saga was a hoax. I can't imagine. I so feel for the children who are victims of their own parents... young, impressionable children, used in a serious plot of wrongdoing. The rescue workers occupied therein might have been desperately needed elsewhere. Joe immediately questioned the story, upon its release; I believed it. These are not times for gullibility. But, how do we know what to believe; what not to believe? What happened to the code - the one to live by?

Not For The Grandkids....

... ours are six and younger... perhaps for older kids, maybe ten and over. Whether or not you and/or your kids loved the book, the movie has the potential to be a tad overwhelming and scary. All that said, I liked it and its deep message; and I loved the voice of Carol, as spoken by James Gandolfini. Hey, I've missed Tony Soprano! It is a bigger-than-life production, especially if viewed at iMax...
and the musical score is terrific.

Photo Credit: Ben King

Thursday, October 15, 2009

There Is Something Seriously Wrong With This Picture

Ornamental trees have not yet changed color.
Wild trees have, but some still cling to altered leaves.
Geraniums tolerate the dipping nighttime temps.
It's snowing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On A Positive Note...

I'd say, buy THIS for a holiday treat. It's an awesome representation of Tour '08; and we were at the Garden! It's REAL - really! "Old" fans already love it; and it has the potential to win over a few newbies.
I'm A Believer!

They Should Have Asked Me

Pardon my profanity, but, "WTF???" Believe me, I know how well Jewish men can celebrate Christmas... you know, the warm and fuzzy Norman Rockwell feel of the holiday. But Christmas albums from Neil? from Dylan? from Barry? Released and promoted before ghosts and goblins make their appearances? Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Now, you're aware of my huge fanship for Neil; and I'm an enormous Dylan fan; and Barry has my vote for the purest-of-the-pure joie de vivre and some nice music, too.... but come on, Guys. Had you consulted me, I would have suggested a collaboration; yep, Three Jewish Superstars Sing For Christ(mas). Lame? Sorry; but you get the gist. And I know - I know all three are successful; and as Joe likes to tell me, "You can't argue with success." Yeah? Well, I veer from the beaten path here and voice my opinion.

My inclination is to purchase Dylan's. Trust me when I say that it's by no means the best of the worst; but profits go to feed the hungry. I approve. And Neil penned a couple of new songs for his... very pretty... I'll purchase just those from iTunes or Rhapsody. Certainly, I do not need the Christmas (one set of CD's) or Chanukah (second set of CD's) ornaments that come with the packaging. Neil??!! WHAT were you thinking? Kudos, though, to a lively version of Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah Song"; I'm sure it and its silliness will get lots of airtime....

But still, "WTF?? Bah Humbug!"

Sadly Still... Yellow Ribbons


Purity Perks

Most of the foods on ThisList are on hand for me. It is challenging and fun to fill my choices with the most nutritional punch-per-calorie. Combine that fact with my distaste (pun intended) for the additives and preservatives in many quick foods... thus, my desire to prepare my own. Really, it's not a big deal. When time allows, I'll make a double-batch of oatmeal waffle boats, toss them in the freezer, and have these 100-calorie gems available for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

My favorite topping? Hands down, it consists of 1/2 cup plain, low-fat, Greek yogurt; 1/2 cup blueberries; a generous sprinkle of cinnamon; and a few crushed almonds. This combination is a true calorie bargain, incorporating quite a few of those healthy ingredients.

What more to say than "Bon Appétit!"

Soccer Stars


Praying for a goal?

Monday, October 12, 2009

For The Love Of Freedom

This is an incredible story of a local lady. We do not know her personally, but have somewhat witnessed her trials and tribulations, as she occasionally made the news. She's creating one more stir herein, as she continues her journey, always to the beat of her very own drum. I've chosen the inspirational color of her many sunrises for this text. Thanks, Joe, for steering me towards this gem:


.... like this entire month is my ticket
purchase from Fandango for MJ's last hurrah, opening the 28th. Still, I'm excited for the event.

Fall Fade

Temps dipped to 28 degrees last night. My son had given me the heads up about a possible frost; this forced a plant save. A few were still enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors.

Sometime ago, I posted about Dipladenia (combined here with Sweet Potato Vine), a new variety that came highly recommended by my artistic gardening mentor. He told me it does fairly well in wintering over indoors. We'll see!

Early morning photos switch genres and return to "inside out".... well, that is, until I concede to frigidity by putting away my sandals and pulling out some warm clothing.....

Of course, I'll do this begrudgingly, as I dream of warm, sunny, sandy, surf-y beaches... and as the fall fade continues.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Night Vision

Lazy Fall Fetch

Mambo must still be in recovery from yesterday's romp; just look at this lazy fetch! Maybe it's not exhaustion at all, and he's mimicking my attitude, currently a tad lethargic and downtrodden. If it's true that pets sense human emotions, Mambo would be right on target. As leaves rapidly fall from trees, baring their branches, this camper is not a happy one. This, too, shall pass... and...

Whatever! He got the job done, earned his own reward and one for his older brother. Ike just had to stand by, making no attempt to escape out the front door. "Old and lame" have not yet kept him from a good deer chase.

Woof! Woof!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Different Primavera

This is a derivative of a recipe I saw prepared on "The View". Peel a couple of smallish, firm eggplants and thinly slice, lengthwise. Spread slices on a cookie sheet; lightly salt. Leave for several hours. You'll be amazed by the liquid extracted from the veggie! Quickly rinse and wrap in paper towels, to dry further.

In a tablespoon of EVOO, sauté thinly sliced onion, grated carrots and lots of crushed garlic. When transparent and caramelized, deglaze pan with wine; add about half a box of chopped Pomì's. Season with pepper and oregano and bring to a simmer.

Eggplant is now ready to further slice... lengthwise into noodle-like strips. (I know, I know.. at this stage, it looks gross; but trust me!) Toss the whole batch into the simmering pot and quickly cook; eggplant will be "al dente". For sheer decadence, add a couple tablespoons Half 'n' Half. Top with freshly grated cheese of your choice. Fresh parsley would be amazing, at this point, if available.

Serve hot, warm or cold... on pasta, rice or quinoa; or on a salad... on a pita or in a wrap... as a side... as a main... anything goes!

Wise Words

Tonight's Chinese "fortune":

"We can't help everyone..
But everyone can help someone."


Congratulations, Mr. President

This is an inspiring, FeelGoodMoment, for sure!

Come Awhile & Stay For A While :-)

I just love the English language. Its idiosyncrasies sure keep me guessing, even after all these years. When I doubt myself, there's usually good, correctable reason. Et vous?

When “awhile” is spelled as a single word, it is an adverb meaning “for a time” (“stay awhile”); but when “while” is the object of a prepositional phrase, like “Lend me your monkey wrench for a while” the “while” must be separated from the “a.” (But if the preposition “for” were lacking in this sentence, “awhile” could be used in this way: “Lend me your monkey wrench awhile.”)

Please check out the link quoted from, as you listen to Neil for a while. I know, I know, it's an October morn...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

90 + 4 = Grrrr-8 Playmates

October 7th...A Day For Quiet Introspection

G.F. September 24, 1910 - October 7, 1976

And I'm Lovin' Jay

Jay Leno:

'With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?'

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shoring Up

Which of Dave's teams are you on - the black, the white or the gray?
Hmmm.... I thought of him today when Elvis took a turn on my iPod.

Simply-Sweet Side

We love sweet sides with poultry dishes. Apples are abundant, and picking them qualifies for family fun. In lieu of that, I like to purchase them from huge crates at orchards or farm markets, mixing up the varieties. The more in the mix, the better for flavorful pies, sauces, etc.

Tonight, I'm pairing them with the #1Veggie; that is, in its nutritional value. Peel and cut those sweet potatoes and apples, combining them in a baking dish. Pour on a dash of pure maple syrup and some orange juice; sprinkle liberally with cinnamon. A nice dose of wheat germ finishes them off. This dish can be microwaved; but it is far superior if baked in the oven, allowing for caramelization. If time is short, you might cover and nuke till almost done; then pop into a hot oven, uncovered, for additional flavor and color.

For an awesome derivative, try butternut squash and pears. Optional ingredients are endless for either dish and include cranberries, nuts, raisins, lemon juice, butter, brown sugar, and on and on.

Bon Appetit!